Welcome to our business – key points for induction.

How do you make a new employee feel more welcome?

Once you’ve hired a new employee, they will have to go through an induction process. Induction is designed to introduce employees to their new work environment so they can become productive in as short a time as possible. Induction processes will vary from business to business and role to role but there are a few key guidelines to keep in mind during the induction process…

Whatever you formal induction process, whether it lasts one day or weeks, these general guidelines will help ensure your new employee starts off on the right foot:

1.     Introductions are important: A new workplace can be daunting for many employees. Take time to introduce your new colleague to their team or people they will be interacting with on a regular basis. Knowing a few names can help put a new team member at ease.

2.     Avoid information overload: Too much information too quickly can be overwhelming. Focus on key priorities or tasks during your first few interactions with your new employee. For less important tasks, consider leaving them with written guidelines to look over at a later time. Ask yourself – what can we deal with at a later stage?

3.     Put together an induction kit: While you want to avoid information overload, it can be a good idea to put together a set of materials your new employee can use as a reference. This ‘kit’ might include the following documents: a current organisation chart with employees’ names, Human Resources manual, copies of their job description and contract, marketing materials, and a staff contact list.

4.     Practicalities go a long way: Induction is about settling a new employee into their role and ensuring they feel comfortable. So, along with high level information, make sure you explain daily practicalities to your new employee – where the bathrooms are, how to order stationery, the rules around the coffee station, dress code, health and safety procedures etc.

5.     Relevance is key: An individual is more likely to remember what you tell them if they understand why it is important to their role or success. Taking the time to explain why things are done a certain way will help a new employee understand why they must follow suit. This includes mentioning your business’ overall goals and value system. While you may not want to delve too deeply into this during day 1 of the induction, knowing where the business is headed and why can encourage employee loyalty and drive.

While induction might seem like a tedious process to some, it is critical to new employees, allowing them insight into their new work environment and ensuring that they feel comfortable as quickly as possible. Need help with your induction programme? We specialise in all major HR processes, including recruitment, employee management, and termination.

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