Beyond the job description: What smart HR managers should do every day.

Like any business function in today’s rapidly changing world, HR is growing and changing with the times. This means that an effective HR team needs to do so much more than they might have done a few years ago and that their role within an organisation needs to expand beyond traditional HR functions such as on boarding and payroll (though these remain as important as ever!).

So, while HR fulfils a number of daily functions when it comes to employee management and operational efficiency. And it starts with a strategic approach to HR – to seeing HR not as a solitary function but as one that stretches across all areas of an organisation with a focus on effective and positive people management. Smart, forward-thinking business owners and HR personnel understand this and look to harness the power of HR to add value to their business, making it more likely to succeed.

Smart HR managers know that doing the best job means

1. Staying connected

A business’ greatest asset is not resources or products but its people. They are what make a business work and thrive. People management should HR’s biggest concern, all the way from daily operations to training and development. Developing an understanding of employees and how they work as individuals and part of a team goes a long way to helping HR do their best work. This is not the same as being an agony aunt or shoulder to cry on – this is about establishing and strengthening a professional partnership between management and staff to ensure overall organisational success in line with strategic goals.

2. Staying on trend and up to speed

HR is a professional occupation and it’s important that the members of an HR team understand current labour law and regulations and are able to implement the relevant practices within their organisation, making sure their organisation is legally compliant and operating in line with the latest industry practices. This involves regular training for themselves and their fellow employees – smart HR personnel are always up skilling others and learning as much as possible themselves.

3. Thinking about the big picture

HR’s influence stretches beyond day-to-day activities. If those are running efficiently, they should be involved in the strategic long-term planning aspect of their business and especially in helping to establish a desired culture through recruitment and retention strategies. If a business is about its people, then it makes sense that the people experts should be partners in driving the business.

An efficiently and powerful HR department can change the way a business operates and help it and its people to achieve more than ever before. What does your HR department look like? Do you have one? Or do you need a helping hand when it comes to establishing and implementing successful HR management practices? Need HR training or advice on IR matters? Talk to us! As outsourced HR experts, with over 20 years’ experience across many industries, we can offer expert advice and practical guidance whatever the state of your HR department.

What should your Human Resources department be doing every day to make your business better? Download our latest infographic to find out.